Tenshigao - Rei Hoshino Is an Older Japanese Married Woman Looking for Fun

Tenshigao – Rei Hoshino Is an Older Japanese Married Woman Looking for Fun

Runtime : 1:05:56s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model :Rei Hoshino

Rei Hoshino is a thirty eight year old consultant manager. She gives companies financial advice. Although she is a bit older she looks very sprite and young. She also happens to be married to a younger man than her. She met him through work and they got married. She tells us that she has had about fifty lovers in her life. And she also has cheated on her husband. We are very intrigued and interested in her now and she also tells us that she loves to masturbate and that her most sensitive spot on her body is her back and she likes to be licked back there. She admits to being a very sexual girl and has had sex in many places that were quite risky like outdoors in Tokyo in different places. All this info was interesting but the one piece we were most interested in was that she has not had sex with her husband in some time and that she was here to have some fun. And with all this info and build up we want to get started and see what happens. We tell her we will start our interaction with what she wants and she wants a cock in her hands. That turns her on and she just wants to rub and play with a cock while it is still hidden in underwear. We of course let her just play with ours and she is excited to rub and scratch. And now she needs it in her mouth! This is just the start of our play today and from there we really get wild. Go check it out!

Tenshigao - Rei Hoshino Is an Older Japanese Married Woman Looking for Fun

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