Tenshigao - Amateur Japanese Babe Miss Iori Sasaki Comes to Visit Us to Fuck

Tenshigao – Amateur Japanese Babe Miss Iori Sasaki Comes to Visit Us to Fuck

Runtime : 58:7s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model :Iori Sasaki

A new model for you to enjoy. This is Iori Sasaki and she is twenty-five years old. We met her in the park and then walked back to the studio today and had a chat. She is single so she lives alone and cooks for herself. We get back to the studio and she admits that she has had about 15 men in her. She did not date them all so she had casual sex with a lot of men. She does admit to also loving to masturbate and even tells us that she likes to fantasize about a musician she likes very much when she plays with herself. She enjoys sex a lot and says she likes doggy style a lot. She also surprises us and tells us that she once had an orgy with several other people and it was a wild party. That is a first for us here as we have not had a model admit to participating in an orgy. She really enjoys sex and says that if someone hits on her she will initially say no but then she will give in and go with it. We then get tired of talking about it and start to kiss her to get her warmed up. She has a nice warm mouth and she uses her tongue very well while kissing. We start to really get into it and she does too and so we suggest that we do some light touching. We pull her top open and her bra down so we can play with her nipples and we get our pants off so she can rub our cock through our underwear. Her nipples are fantastic and her tits are really great to feel. In fact we think her tits are some of the best they are so perfect and just stand up and say ‘hello’. Now that her tits are out and they look so good we go from there and… Go watch what we do next in the full video. She is so lovely naked you are going to love it!

Tenshigao - Amateur Japanese Babe Miss Iori Sasaki Comes to Visit Us to Fuck

Tenshigao_-_Amateur_Japanese_Babe_Miss_Iori_Sasaki_Comes_to_Visit_Us_to_Fuck.mp4 – 3.50 GB

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