JapanHDV - Kaho Miyazaki Finally Fucks Her Crush

JapanHDV – Kaho Miyazaki Finally Fucks Her Crush

Runtime : 44:35s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model :Kaho Miyazaki

Kaho Miyazaki wakes up to find herself in the a hospital bed. She is really in the clinic as she had fallen over at school and fainted. She had dreamed the whole encounter with her crush as she lay on the floor in the hallway. The dream seemed so real to her. She had finally gotten the courage to confront her crush and let him know how she felt about him. She then envisioned a scenario where the two of them got naked and he put his cock in her hungry mouth. She had dreamed of that moment forever and now her dream really was a dream as she lay on the floor. Luckily he had seen her fall and took her into the clinic where she could rest and he could watch over her to be sure she was OK. He stayed with her until she woke and then he let her know what had happened. This was sad for Kaho as she really believed that she and her crush had finally made love. But, now that she was awake and he knows how she felt towards him he decides to make her dreams come true. He pulled her in close to kiss her hard on the mouth. Since there was a bed there in the clinic he went back to it and had her sit in front of him so he could reach around and grab her breasts. His hands were all over them and he was enjoying feeling them when he unbuttoned her blouse and opened it to pull her bra down and play with her nipples. From there it just turned into a fuck fest that made all her dreams come true.

JapanHDV - Kaho Miyazaki Finally Fucks Her Crush

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