JapanHDV - Hikaru Kirishima Takes Her Friend to the Hot Springs

JapanHDV – Hikaru Kirishima Takes Her Friend to the Hot Springs

Runtime : 15:35s
Resolution : 1920×1080 HD
Model :Hikaru Kirishima

Today is a nice day for a hike and a little bathing in some special hot springs. Hikaru Kirishima has taken her friend to the Hot Springs today to enjoy a relaxing day and bath. What she wanted was a day with a friend to enjoy the hot springs and relaxing and just enjoying some time together. Of course her friend is very keen on getting to know Hikaru better as he wants her to be his girlfriend. But Hikaru seems to be less worried about that and just wants to enjoy the day together. Hikaru and her friend enter the hot springs and Hikaru decides to change into her Yukata. She does this in front of her friend and so he watches her get out of her street clothes and bra and stand there in front of him in her panties. She puts on her Yukata and then suggests she give him a massage as she is quite good at it. But after a few minutes she suggest that they change positions and he massage her. She removes her Yukata and lays face down in front of him in her panties only. He is quite happy to rub her body and slides his hands down to her ass where she prompts him to continue rubbing but harder. This is a real turn on for him and Hikaru is enjoying the massage when she decides to turn around and let him massage her front as well. This is of course his dream and his hands are all over her tits and he makes his way down to her crotch where he lightly touches her pussy but Hikaru decides her panties need to come off to get a proper massage so he then begins to rub her pussy and play with her pussy lips. But Hikaru suggests they go to the shower to continue this.

JapanHDV - Hikaru Kirishima Takes Her Friend to the Hot Springs

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